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Application Rules

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1 Application Rules on Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:10 am

Yes, there are more rules......=(

1.No Swearing or Cursing, there could be children in MoD. Unlikely but you get it. whatever.....

2.Respect the members, we don't want the members quitting just because a couple of dumb little kids wanted to make fun of him/her because of some stupid....oh im rambling sorry. Anyway....

3.Respect the Admins, its pretty obvious. They are higher ranks than you and you should show some respect. No they are NOT better than you in any way.

4.RESPECT THE ANGELS, now i type this in all caps because we are the ones who came up with RLH, MoD, and LoGS. If you don't like us, then quit. We aren't forcing you to be in our clan.

Well, i think thats all. (yeah we are done with the rules for now)

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