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What is MoD?

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1 What is MoD? on Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:29 am

MoD, or Masters of Disaster is our "Role playing clan".
You can be in MoD, and still be in RLH. You just have to choose from one of the 2 clantags. Its just something we came up with when we were brainstorming during a game. Yeah brainstorming during a game is a real smart idea right? lol anyway....We came up with it because we thought it sounded cool. Like come on, a roleplaying clan? How could that not sound cool? Different teams, classes, and there aren't as many ranks as RLHs confusing rank There are only Team Leader and Unit. Thats not confusing is it? Well there I go again rambling on. Thats just MoD in a nutshell....giggity.

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